WMA Race Walk age-grading calculator 2018

Select gender and age, select the event (or enter the distance) and enter your result, then press Age-grade to lookup the WMA factor.

Road events up to 10km are shown as "Road", other distances (metres and Mile) are track. Events above 10km are road.
Results for the 1 Hour event are in metres.

This calculator uses the most recent Race Walk Event Age-grading factors (2018), which are maintained by Dave Talcott. Raw factors are available in Excel.

Track and field and Road versions are also available.

Gender M F
mile km
Your time Age standard
Age-graded Open standard
Age-perf% Factor

Also shown are the Open and age-graded standards. Your age-performance as a % of the Age std is calculated from these. This performance can be compared between different events.

Pressing Result will calculate your result for a given age-performance - e.g. use your age-performance in one event to predict a different event or the same event at a different age.

Times can be entered as hh:mm:ss[.dd] - if no colon is supplied, the time will be taken as seconds; only one colon will be interpreted as mm:ss.

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